delivery details and guarantee

delivery is included

In the case of gifts, the price includes delivery.

For all cases of wine, the price is for a case of 6 or 12 bottles as indicated and includes delivery to your door, anywhere in South Africa.

The price you see is the price of the wine, delivered to your door.

minimum order for cases of wine is 12 bottles
but if you only want 6 bottles, we need to add a small surcharge

delivery guarantee

As wine bottles are rather fragile, we unfortunately do experience breakages...

If you receive your wine, and you suspect a bottle has been broken (your case is now dyed a nice red...) please write this on the waybill you sign (that way we can claim it back from Mr. Insurance)

Then please let us know how many bottles are broken (and which wine), and we will immediately put the appropriate amount back into your credit card, or send you replacement wine.

international shipping

Try asking your local importer for details of retailers in your area. Search for the wine you are looking for. Next to the wine details we list the importer in your country.

For UK orders please take a look at

Contact us :
021 851 2737

You must be older than 18 to order wine